This blog is not about focusing on the negative, however, if we do not identify what the problem is then it will be harder to ascertain what the solution is.

You can turn to other books and blogs about the causes of global warming, the details of pollution, the fragility of our social-economic system. I believe the problem can be summed up in one word: Reliance.

We rely on China to provide us most of our manufacturing and almost all of our drugs. We rely on corrupt utility companies to provide our power. We rely on foreign governments who’s ideals do not align with our own for things like oil and other raw resources. We rely on corrupt politicians to fix our problems.

Reliance is the opposite of Sustainability. Reliance is the reason our goods are shipped half way across the world polluting everything on the way. Reliance is the reason countries like Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia have so much power and influence over our lives.

That is why the focus of this blog is on Self Reliance and Self Sustainability. The more we can create what we need ourselves or locally the less we have to rely on others. The less we rely on others the more we can insure the items that we need for every day life are created ethically, responsibly and without damaging the earths ecosystem.

If you think about it almost every major problem of our time can be solved this way. Worried about Global Warming? Local production of goods ensures that there is much less carbon waste from transportation, the leading cause of carbon pollution. Is plastic filling up our oceans? If we create what we need locally we don’t have to wrap everything in plastic to ship it across the world. Worried about the fragility of our food system especially in times of crisis or pandemic? If you and your neighbors produced all the food your family needs then that would never be an issue.

Of course it isnt as simple as all that and many steps need to be taken and thought through before we produce everything we need ourselves. But i wanted to make the point that if we start with this goal in mind we can begin to fix the issues that plague our society.

The point of this blog and our company is to help make the goal of Self Sustainability a reality and the posts that follow will explore each of these fixes in depth.