The first and most important aspect of creating a sustainable way of living is to have a low cost, clean and renewable source of energy. Energy constitutes our largest demand on the environment. We burn billions of units of fossil fuels which is the largest contributor to climate change and pollution. From the lights in our homes to the vehicle we take to work to the air conditioning in your office we are consuming energy in unprecedented rates as our world goes more digital.

I created Low Cost Energy as a branch of the Sustainiculture umbrella that provides high quality solar, wind, water and other renewable energy sources directly at your home or place of business.

Another aspect of sustainability is being able to produce everything you need on location. This allows you to not rely on energy coming from a grid or other location that may fail in the event of a disaster. Also there is a lot of waste and loss in long range delivery of power. This is why we focus on batteries, generators and other forms of on site power storage and generation.

The focus of Low Cost Energy extends beyond storage and generation to efficiency. The second most important part of sustainable energy next to generation is efficiency. It is important to have the most efficient home or building so that you use the least amount of power possible. Through Low Cost Energy we upgrade HVAC systems, insulation, lighting, appliances, water pumping systems and other heavy energy using items.

The best part of Low Cost Energy is that by refining our methods, supply chains and install partners we are able to provide these renewable energy sources at a much lower cost than ever before. The most important aspect of converting and adapting to clean, renewable energy is that it makes financial sense.