What does SustainIculturE mean anyways?

Back in 2017 while working in the solar and home energy industry i had a vision. I wanted to create something that could really help people and effect the world in a positive way.  I wanted to provide a service that allowed people to live cleaner, healthier and more sustainable lives all while saving money. And on top of that i wanted something that could work to reduce the harm our industries and way of life inflicts on the planet. Lofty goals huh? But we all have to start somewhere.

So I took my knowledge of building performance science, permaculture, solar, and construction and combined them into one purpose: SustainIculturE. I wanted to create a culture of sustainability because our current way of doing things is using up the earths resources faster than it can replenish them. To achieve this goal I am focusing on helping individuals upgrade their homes, educate their habits, and lower their energy use. The I in the name represents the individual, only as empowered individuals can we take action and make choices to effect change. The capital E at the end represents Everyone because its going to take everyone working together to change the course of our planet.

Although fixing the planet is a huge goal i believe the solution is simple: it’s all about our priorities and incentives. Right now it pays to exploit mother nature, It pays to dump your sewage and plastic in the ocean, it pays to clear cut forests and burn coal. We have set up society in such a way that we value the exploitation of our natural resources without any thought to the long term costs. This way of living, our culture if you will, worked well for our rise as a species the last 10,000 years but it is not sustainable. If we want our civilization to last another 10,000 years then we need to make changes now. That is what my company and this blog are about and I hope you follow along with me as i put out more ideas on how we can all achieve this goal.